Automatic Sample Recorder

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9 September 2015

JG develops software to automatically play and sample the output of old synths so that they may be easily ported to modern sampler software. Removes the necessity of using near-obsolete equipment with hard-to-obtain storage media (such as the above) in performances.

The software outputs multiple MIDI notes in series and records the incoming audio from the synth into separate audio files. The keys and velocity layers to sample are user defined. The resulting sound files are named so that Kontakt can auto-map them when they are dragged into the Kontakt mapping editor. This makes the process very quick and easy, usually only requiring touch-ups at the loop points. Of course, sampling for durations longer than any held note in the music will simplify things even further.

An auto-mapped bank of samples:

The software has so far been used to port synths and old hardware samplers into Kontakt for pieces by George Benjamin, Jonathan Harvey and Julian Anderson. I have even used it to commit level changes in existing Kontakt instruments into new samples so that the levels will never need adjusting if ported to a different sampler in the future.

Kontakt scripts can be used to emulate weirdnesses in some synths (such as getting the portamento order correct when a cluster of notes is held down), or to provide useful functionality such as an “all notes off” function on an unused key.

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