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8 April 2008

Jonathan engineers for the BCMG on an intensive Rural Tour day.

The BCMG under Richard Baker perform a programme of Tristan Murail, Jonathan Harvey and Tansy Davies in two separate venues in Shropshire. Both concerts were full (about 100 per concert) and well received.

The technology was a challenge – three very different pieces in one programme, and very rushed set up times.

Jonathan Harvey’s Tombeau de Messiaen is a very high quality tape piece, expertly performed by Clive Williamson.

Tansy’s piece uses some samples triggered by an on-stage MIDI keyboard, and some simple effects on the piano. All the instruments were amplified.

Murail’s Treize couleurs du soleil couchant uses reverb, ring modulation and delays. The score is quite precise about amplification and fader movements, so there is quite a lot to do.

I used my Yamaha 01V96 with a Behringer BCF2000 controlling the reverb sends, so everything was visible all the time. The reverb in the 01V96 is not brilliant by today’s standards so I used a Lexicon MX400XL which was particularly useful for the surround configuration in the Murail piece. I don’t like using computers in live situations (they crash), so I used a Roland SP404 sampler for Tansy’s piece, although I would have preferred to use an old AKAI if I had access to one, and time to figure out its quirks.

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