BCMG/Johannes Maria Staud Performance

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24 April 2007

The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group performed Johannes Maria Staud’s new piece ‘One Movement and Five Miniatures’, for which I developed the electronics using Max/MSP.

Following several months of collaboration with Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud, I performed the electronics for his new piece, alongside Simon Hall from Birmingham Conservatoire , with the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. ‘One Movement and Five Miniatures’ is written for solo harpsichord with live electronics, twelve musicians and four loudspeakers.

After an initial meeting in late 2006, I built a patch using Max/MSP which Johannes could experiment with. On several occasions, Johannes visited Birmingham to try out his presets with a real harpsichord at the Conservatoire and at the CBSO Centre (BCMG’s rehearsal space). Once the presets were finalised, the patch was modified slightly to display only what is required for performance.

The electronics comprise of many delays that can be treated by pitch shifters, filters and reverberation. The routing between these processing modules was not fixed, so several unusual effects are possible, although Johannes made it clear in his pre-concert talk that he tried to expand the sonic characteristics of the harpsichord rather than alter them beyond recognition.

Thank you to the Birmingham Conservatoire and the Visualisation Research Unit at the Department of Art (University of Central England) for their support.

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