Boulez and Stockhausen with the London Sinfonietta

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5 December 2015

JG performs Anthemes 2 with Clio Gould and supervises tape playback for Hymnen with the London Sinfonietta in the Royal Festival Hall.

Hymnen performed by the London Sinfonietta and the Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble, conducted by the amazing Wolfgang Lischke. Four channel tape playback with a fifth track for the conductor’s monitor. Sound projection by David Sheppard of Sound Intermedia. I looked after the tape playback system for the rehearsals and performance.

In the same I concert performed Anthemes 2 by Pierre Boulez with violinist Clio Gould. All cues triggered manually as IRCAM’s automatic score following wasn’t reliable enough.

Here’s a snippet of my score for Anthemes 2:

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