David's Garden - Harmonizer Action Plan

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11 April 2006

Roadmap for the development of the David’s Garden live electronics environment.

After experimenting with the UBC Toolbox in Max, I realised that it is not a solution, but another prototyping tool. I think, therefore, that it would be a good idea to reverse engineer processes and synths that I like the sound of. This way, I can at least experiment with pre-built ‘modules’.

I really like the harmonizer effect from the Toolbox which incorporated feedback back into itself, creating the rising effect that I was looking for. In my Piece for Percussion Duo, I would like to use this effect at the beginning and end, with the highest pitched and lowest pitched percussion instruments respectively.

The plan

  1. Reverse engineer the harmonizer providing external access to all parameters;
  2. Incorporate a spatialisation process (ie, the more delayed the signal (and therefore higher the pitch), the more diffussed to the side (or back) of the hall; and
  3. Apply a very simple one-to-several mapping algorhythm, so the performer can control the amount of the effect, perhaps with a single MIDI expression pedal.

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