Ensemble Interakt Concert

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22 June 2006

Launch concert of Ensemble Interakt, exploring interaction with computer generated sounds.

Organized concert of instrumental music with live electronics. Performed Piece for Piano and Lamp and Three Pieces for Percussion Duo with Live Electronics.

Few problems with Native Instruments software: whenever an audio device is disconnected and then reconnected, the latency setting seems to default to 8 milliseconds, which is far to low for a G4 laptop. Once changed to 24 milliseconds, everything seemed to work okay with no glitches.

Each composer brought their own laptop and we patched everything into the Yamaha DM2000 desk which is in turn connected to the eight speakers in the Rectial Hall. We were able to move between pieces extremely quickly since all the electronics for all the pieces was running in parallel. Lots of wires, but perhaps more reliable than trying to run all the pieces in turn on the G5 and changing scenes between pieces on the DM2000.

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