JG at the New Generation Arts Festival

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11 June 2007

Invented Instruments Flyer

I’m involved in two sound installations and a concert for the New Generation Arts Festival.

Robin Dobson, Artistic Director of the annual New Generation Arts Festival, held at several venues through Birmingham, has asked me to put on a concert of electronic music.

I decided to invent all the instruments for the concert which will include the premier of my new Piece for Large Metal Sheet and Video Projections where the instrument is the score. More info on the Ensemble Interakt website.

The other installation I’m involved in is Joseph Young’s sound installation which, from what I understand, is a sculpture in a dark place. Visitors will shine torches onto the sculpture in various places which will then trigger sounds. He’s asked me to build the electronics which will consist of eight light sensors and a voltage to MIDI converter. I’ll build a very simple Max patch to scale the data from the sensors and then use Ableton Live to loop the sound files.

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