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13 September 2007

JG and Gregory (director, VRU) give a demo of home-made prototype of Lightpipe at the E-Science 2007 All Hands Meeting held in Nottingham.

A light is shone into four discrete pipes in a single location. The light flows through the lightpipes, is transformed into sound, and arrives in one group of four outlets which can be located anywhere in the world. All of this happens in real-time.

Consisting of three nodes, this demonstration highlights the multi-location and and artistic possibilities of networked collaboration.

Node One

Four light sensors, each housed in a pipe, are connected to CODA via a local area network. The light intensity is monitored constantly.

Node Two

MIDI faders intercept the data from the light sensors (as can any node connected to CODA) and display the light intensity of each of the sensors.

Node Three

The light intensity data from Node One is polled and grafted onto sound synthesis parameters in Node Three that control the volume of each of the four outlet pipes.

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