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15 June 2007

Left to right: Sarah Jeffery, Joseph Young, Helena Raeburn, Alex Tenneyson, Steve Shaw

Jonathan is giving a demonstration of live electronics with recorder alongside Sarah Jeffery on 20 June 2007 to students at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

Following Sarah Jeffery’s successful performance of Roderik de Man’s Kage for recorder and tape last month, the Recorder Department at the Birmingham Conservatoire has asked me to give a demo of live electronics.

Using my portable setup with a wireless microphone, Sarah and I will begin with an improvisation using the general purpose Max/MSP patch I’ve been developing for trombonist David Purser.

We will then work through some simple examples of the various types of live processing (granulation, harmonization, delays etc) and then move on to the real-time control of processing parameters using sensors.

I think it’s important to highlight common issues such unwanted feedback, spill from other sound sources and reliability, and to suggest possible solutions (noise gates) and contingency plans (prerecorded samples).

(The excellent photos are by Mike Priddy )

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