London Philharmonic Orchestra performs Book of Hours

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11 June 2014

JG sound engineers for a London Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Julian Anderson’s Book of Hours in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

George Lewis: The Will to Adorn
Arne Gieshoff: Umschreibung
Edmunt Hunt: Argatnél
Eugene Birman: Manifeso
Aleksandr Brusentsev: Our Own Light
Julian Anderson: Book of Hours

Synthesiser with volume, phaser and wah pedals
Sampler keyboard
MIDI controller with expression pedal inputs and patch change buttons
Laptop (plus a backup)
Soundcraft Vi1 mixer
8x Meyer UPJ loudspeakers, 2x subwoofers

The synth, sampler, wah and phaser were run on two laptops simoultaneously – one main and one backup. 12 channels output to the mixing console. The sampler was diffused by the composer to six of the speakers and subwoofers during the performance whilst the synth was permanently routed to two speakers placed behind the synth player.

More info on the LPO website here.

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