London Sinfonietta and Johannes Kreidler in Canterbury

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9 May 2014

JG sound engineers for the London Sinfonietta at the Sounds News Festival in St. Gregory’s Centre for Music, Canterbury.

Sorting out sound for Johannes Kreidler’s Fremdarbeit. It involved a multichannel sampler triggered by an on-stage keyboard and amplification of the ensemble.

The electronics were supplied as a Pure Data patch but due to difficulties in persuading PD to run reliably at an acceptably low latency (despite using a high-spec system), I transferred the piece to Kontakt prior to rehearsals. Thankfully, the many samples were clearly labelled so I could use Kontakt’s automapping feature to quickly assign samples to keys. Kontakt was run as a plug-in inside Ableton Live so that addition sound files could be added and triggered using a numeric keypad Blu Tack-ed to the keyboard.

I used the in-house sound system which included a Yamaha 02R96. Having become used to the current generation of easy-to-use mixing consoles (relatively speaking), the older 02R96 seemed fiddly but did the job with no trouble.

Cornelius Cardew – Workers Song
Frederic Rzwewski – Coming Together
Johannes Kreidler – Fremdarbeit
Louis Andriessen – Workers Union

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