London Sinfonietta in Warsaw

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21 September 2009

Bird Concerto FOH

JG sound engineers for a London Sinfonietta performance of Jonathan Harvey’s Bird Concerto with Pianosong at the 2009 Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poland.

Jonathan Harvey’s Bird Concerto with Pianosong is a piano concerto for ensemble, live electronics, sampler and keyboard. The piece was performed by Hid├ęki Nagano (piano), David Atherton (conductor) and the London Sinfonietta at this year’s Warsaw Autumn festival.

Matthew Fairclough operated the mixing desk, I helped to control the live electronics (various effects, but mainly ring modulation) using MIDI faders, and Jonathan Havey diffused the electronics in surround sound using two joysticks.

The performance took place in the excellent Polish National Radio concert hall to a sold out audience.

Equipment included:

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