Metal Sheet and Lightpipe at SightSonic 2008

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28 January 2008

JG perform a new version of Piece for Large Metal Sheet at this year’s SightSonic Festival on March 15th.

A stripped down, raw performance. We left the chains hanging from the hoist because they sounded very nice rattling against the sheet when it vibrated.

Also performed in the same concert is “Lightpipe”. Each lightpipe uses a light sensor to create a visually striking performance with lamps (hopefully some photos soon).

The metal sheet was left hanging for an extra day and was left running as an sound installation (see photos).

Thanks to Kirsty Halliday for the excellent photos displayed below.

More info on the official SightSonic website.

This performance was reviewed by The Talk Magazine (see blog entry… ).

Some photos have been posted here:

pieceformetalsheet, 2 Photos

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Piece for Metal Sheet 1 Piece for Metal Sheet 2

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