Music for Media - Max/MSP Workshop

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1 December 2006

Notes and patches for the introductory Max/MSP workshop given at the Birmingham Conservatoire lead by myself.

Patches and the Keynote presentation are available in a ZIP archive here:

They are untidy but will be updated soon.

First Patch

Saying “hello world” in Max using message boxes and the print object. Introduction to data types and the Max palette (integer & float boxes, button and toggle.

We used metro with counter and select to create periodic patterns of “bang” messages.

“Hello world” in MSP

Using the cycle~ object to generate a sine wave. We then controlled the amplitude with a *~ (MSP multiply) object and finally created a simple envelope generator with line~.


We used tapin~ and tapout~ to create a simple delay with a feedback control. After adding a dry/wet crossfader we gave the patch some inlets and an outlet so we can embed it in a synth patch.

Simple Synth

After embedding the delays patch in the synth patch we added basic MIDI control to control and play the synth.


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