My Secret Heart Recordings

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21 August 2008

Photograph by Clive Barda

JG records Streetwise Opera participants around the UK.

Streetwise Opera commissioned leading electronic composer Mira Calix, video-artists Flat-e and sound designer David Sheppard to create a major new audio-visual work.

Working closes with Mira Calix, I recorded a wide variety of participants in Newcastle, Nottingham and London. Recording sessions were of groups, individuals, pairs and trios.

I used Schoeps hypercardiod microphones running through a Yamaha 01V96 mixer, recording to two MacBook Pros. This setup allowed for a lot of flexibility in terms of monitoring, creating an identical backup feed from the microphones, and sending mixes and click tracks to participants’ headphones.

Streetwise Take Sheet

Documenting the sessions was crucial in allowing Mira Calix to efficiently navigate through the hundreds of takes.

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