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8 May 2007

I’ve been working on developing a piece for acoustic-electronic piano where all the sound generation occurs inside the piano (no pre-recorded sounds and lots of feedback…).

I began my experiments with unusual speaker and microphone placements. Some really nice effects can be created if a loud and short low-pitched chord is played on the keys, delayed and then played back through the speaker (placed inside the piano over the lower strings) shortly after. Providing the sustain pedal is down before the first repetition, the strings begin to resonate. Then, by rolling off all the lower frequencies from the signal sent to the speaker, a strange feedback loop begins to occur and some really nice harmonics come through. It would be nice to further this idea using the hold pedal instead of the sustain pedal so more control can be had over which strings can resonate.

Many thanks to Mike Priddy for his excellent photographs.

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