Sensor Interface

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17 July 2013

An easy to use device for interfacing up to 12 analog sensors and 4 switches to a computer via a very long Cat5 cable.

Designed to provide a quick means of connecting several sensors in a remote location to a computer in order to control audio/video/lighting software for art installations, theatre and interactive museum exhibits. The interface can be located up to 500 meters away from the computer using standard Cat5 Ethernet cable. A USB adapter (included) converts the Cat5 cable to USB for easy connection to any Windows/Mac/Linux computer. The adapter also powers the interface and sensors through the Cat5 cable so a power source is not required at the remote location.

Simple software running on the Mac or PC converts the data to MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) messages.

Mix and match a wide variety of sensors such as infrared proximity, PIR, pressure, magnetic switch, light, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and many more.


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