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5 January 2005

spatJG~ max patch by Jonathan Green

8-way panner with visual interface for MaxMSP

A flexible panner with an optional visual interface. Several instances of the spatJG~ abstraction can be used simoultaneously, allowing the independant diffusion of more than one sound source.

The position of the sound source can be modified in realtime, determining the volume of each speaker.

In addition, the position of each speaker can be modified in realtime to represent the speaker layout of the physical space. The pan curve can also be changed in realtime.

spatJG~_LCD is an optional visual interface for spatJG~. The position of the sound source and of each speaker can be altered by dragging the objects in the LCD with the mouse. The LCD can be enlarged for more accurate position changes.

When automation is required, 2 mtr (mutli-tracker) objects (recording/playing back the x and y coordinates) can be used.

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