Kontakte at the QEH

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5 October 2013

A performance of Stockhausen’s Gesang der J√ľnglinge and Kontakte with Nicholas Hodges and Colin Currie in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Five star review in the Guardian

4 channels of tape (primary laptop with 4-track backup)
16 channels of mics (mixture of dynamics and condensers)
2x in-ear monitors (low noise Shure PSM1000 system, Sennheiser G3 too noisy)
2x wedge monitors
4-point surround with front fills and subs (all Meyer Sound)
Yamaha M7CL mixer

Interesting to note that for some reason one DPA 4011 microphone was more succeptible to mobile phone interference than the another 4011 or the SM57s.

Review in the Guardian

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