Strange News in Copenhagen

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29 September 2009

Voi(rex) faders

JG sound engineers for the Athelas Sinfonietta for two concerts in Denmark. Programme: Strange News by Rolf Wallin and Voi(rex) by Phillipe Leroux

Athelas Sinfonietta conducted by Pierre-Andre Valade. Soprano: Elena Vassilieva; actor: Arthur Kisenyi.

26th September 2009, 4pm
The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

27th September 2009, 4pm
Espergærde Gymnasium

Strange News by Rolf Wallin is a multimedia work for actor, video, ensemble and live electronics. Voi(rex) (previously performed by the BCMG) is written for soprano and live electronics.

I used a Yamaha LS9-32 mixing console which was simple enough to learn on the job, but lacks physical controls for quick adjustments. Microphones used were mainly Neumann KM184s and DPA 4061s. I used a DPA 4066 microphone for the soprano (Voi(rex)) and actor (Strange News). Two slightly different surround sound setups comprised of D&B speakers and subs.

For Strange News, we used three Apple laptops: one each for live video, 4-channel sampler and live processing (16 input, 8 output channels). A further laptop ran the electronics for Voi(rex).

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