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23 November 2008

JG engineers for a BCMG performance of Voi(rex) by Phillipe Leroux.

Technical Description

Voi(rex) for ensemble and live electronics by French composer Phillipe Leroux uses multi-channel surround sound and spatialisation. With the help of Javier Campana and James Carpenter, we set up a small fraction of the BEAST sound system which consisted of 9 Genelec powered speakers and two subwoofers.

Virtuoso soprano Donatienne Michel-Dansac wore a miniature microphone and triggered numerous electronic events with a tiny homemade hand-held switch. Her voice was processed in many different ways and spatialised around the audience in real-time. A laptop computer located onstage gave Michel-Dansac visual cues.

At front of house, we used another laptop running a Max/MSP patch to process all the audio. It output eight discrete channels which were fed to six speakers surrounding the audience, a speaker onstage next to the singer, and one offstage. The front left and right speaker signals were also sent to the two subwoofers. The composer controlled the levels of real-time treatments and sampled sounds individually using a MIDI controller during the performance. I took care of the direct amplification levels, whilst James kept a close eye on the cues.

The ensemble was amplified and fed to the front two speakers. The BBC was also recording the concert ahead of the next Hear and Now programme on Radio 3, so there were dozens of microphones on stage. I gave the BBC a split of the eight outputs from the computer.

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